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Every Project Tells a Story

At Sofotec, we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality structural engineering solutions. Our portfolio showcases our expertise in diverse projects, ranging from commercial buildings and bridges to residential homes and industrial facilities. Each project tells a unique story of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field. Learn more about our projects and how we can help you bring your vision to life.


Tallest Public Housing Development in Singapore

The Pinnacle@Duxton is a 50-storey residential development in Singapore's city center, next to the business district. All seven connected towers are collectively the world's tallest public residential buildings, and featuring the two longest sky gardens ever built on skyscrapers, each spanning 500 meters. 

Sofotec installed and commissioned an automated real-time monitoring capabilities, the system enhances operational efficiency by enabling operators to quickly identify


88 advanced fiber optic sensor technology for precise structural monitoring of the connecting sky-bridges and columns ensuring safety and longevity.

20150710-Sealing by Siga-60_edited.png


Leading Energy Company in Singapore Specializing in Gas Infrastructure and Power Generation Solutions

Sofotec installed & commissioned a fiber optic leak & intrusion detection system for a high-pressure gas transmission pipeline in densely populated Singapore's Woodlands district spanning over 4,400 meters.  


This is crucial for ensuring the safety and integrity of the pipeline network, protecting the environment, preserving assets, and improving operational reliability in a densely populated urban setting.

  1. Safety: With densely populated areas nearby, any gas leaks pose significant safety risks to residents and infrastructure. Our system provides continuous monitoring, enabling rapid detection and response to leaks, thus minimizing the potential for accidents and ensuring public safety.

  2. Environmental Protection: Gas leaks can also have environmental consequences, including air pollution and soil contamination. By promptly detecting and mitigating leaks, the fiber optic system helps prevent environmental damage and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

  3. Asset Protection: The pipeline represents a valuable asset that requires protection against leaks and potential damage. Early detection of leaks using fiber optic sensors allows operators to take proactive measures to safeguard the pipeline's integrity, reducing the risk of costly repairs and downtime.

  4. Operational Efficiency: By providing real-time monitoring capabilities, the system enhances operational efficiency by enabling operators to quickly identify and locate leaks, streamline maintenance activities, and minimize disruptions to gas supply.



Caterpillar Singapore Distribution Centre

The successful completion of the Sofotec injection slab lifting project at the Caterpillar Singapore Distribution Centre stands as a testament to our expertise in delivering innovative solutions while ensuring minimal disruption to critical operations.

Tasked with rectifying the uneven flooring that hindered operations within the region's distribution hub, our team implemented a meticulously planned approach. Recognizing the imperative to maintain uninterrupted workflow, the project was executed in sections and grids, allowing for targeted intervention while safeguarding ongoing operations.


The uneven flooring posed significant challenges, leading to misalignment of tall heavy racks and impeding the safe operation of forklifts within aisles and atop racks. Leveraging Uretek's advanced injection technology, we systematically addressed the underlying soil instability beneath the concrete slabs, restoring structural integrity and achieving precise elevation adjustments.

Throughout the project lifecycle, stringent quality controls and safety measures were upheld to ensure compliance with industry standards and mitigate potential risks. Effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders further facilitated seamless coordination, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Upon completion, the Caterpillar Singapore Distribution Centre witnessed a transformative improvement in operational efficiency and safety. The enhanced structural stability of the flooring eliminated rack misalignments, enabling unimpeded access for forklifts and optimizing warehouse logistics.

In conclusion, the successful execution of the Uretek injection slab lifting project at the Caterpillar Singapore Distribution Centre exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored solutions with minimal disruption. By addressing structural challenges while maintaining operational continuity, we have upheld our reputation for excellence and exceeded client expectations.



SkyResidence @ Dawson

47-Storey Public Housing Development in Singapore

The design of SkyResidence @ Dawson is guided by the site’s previous Town Square, which remains a central feature of the development.

It comprises 8 residential blocks of up to 47 storeys, offering a total of 1,217 apartments spread over 8 blocks. 

One of the most striking features of the development is the Green Ribbon, an elevated landscaped garden stitching together the 8 residential towers, allowing residents to walk from one end of the precinct to the other, without going down to the ground floor. 


The Green Ribbon includes play areas, fitness stations, relaxation corners, and a continuous path of almost 800 metres linking all residential blocks. The two sky terraces, located on the 27th storey, offer cosy and tranquil spaces like reading corners and seating areas for the convenience of residents.

Sofotec installed and commissioned 80 advanced fiber optic sensor technology for precise structural monitoring of the columns ensuring safety and longevity.

9a4930_8b6900d6f7d546db86fb60e0fe96b0c3~mv2 copy.jpg

Samwoh Innovation Centre (SWIC)

Building Constructed Using 100% Recycled Construction Materials

Samwoh, a prominent engineering and construction firm headquartered in Singapore, is committed to advancing sustainability in the built environment sector, exemplified by the inauguration of its cutting-edge headquarters, the Samwoh Smart Hub. Unveiled in late 2022, this pioneering facility stands as Singapore’s inaugural positive-energy industrial building, constructed entirely from 100 percent recycled construction materials.

The Samwoh Smart Hub represents a remarkable feat in sustainable construction, incorporating a diverse array of recycled materials sourced from innovative initiatives. Notably, repurposed sedimentary rocks sourced from the Jurong Rock Cavern were utilized in specific sections of the hub's construction, further enhancing its eco-friendly credentials.


Over a decade ago, Samwoh embarked on groundbreaking research into the use of recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) as a sustainable alternative to traditional granite in construction projects. This forward-thinking approach has since gained widespread acceptance across the industry, facilitating the full recycling of demolition waste and significantly reducing costs, carbon emissions, and reliance on imported materials. The integration of sedimentary rocks from the Jurong Rock Cavern into the Smart Hub's structural grade concrete underscores Samwoh's ongoing commitment to innovation, driven by collaborative partnerships with organizations like JTC and BCA. This breakthrough not only diverts millions of tons of rock debris from landfills but also showcases the transformative potential of sustainable construction practices in minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, the Samwoh Smart Hub serves as a living testament to the company's dedication to technological advancement and structural integrity. Equipped with state-of-the-art structural health monitoring fiber optic sensors, the building stands as a beacon of innovation, ensuring continuous monitoring and maintenance of its structural integrity, further solidifying Samwoh's reputation as a pioneer in sustainable construction and engineering excellence.


Singapore Train Operator

The implementation of the train viaduct monitoring system in Singapore marks a pioneering initiative aimed at optimizing maintenance practices and enhancing operational efficiency within the rail infrastructure.

Recognizing the critical role of viaduct bearings in ensuring safe and smooth train operations, the client undertook a real-time wireless monitoring system designed to track the performance of sliding pot bearings. This proactive approach sought to mitigate the need for premature bearing replacements by accurately assessing their operational condition and adherence to specifications.

Key parameters such as strain and displacement, providing valuable insights into the structural behavior of viaduct bearings. By continuously monitoring these critical metrics, maintenance teams can proactively identify potential issues and implement targeted interventions, thereby extending the lifespan of bearings and minimizing downtime.

By harnessing data-driven insights, the client aims to streamline maintenance operations, reduce lifecycle costs, and uphold the highest standards of safety and service reliability for commuters.

This monitoring system represents a forward-thinking approach to infrastructure management, leveraging wireless monitoring technology to optimize bearing performance and prolong asset lifespan. As Singapore continues to evolve its rail network, initiatives like these underscore the importance of proactive maintenance strategies in ensuring the resilience and sustainability of critical transportation infrastructure.


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