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Sofotec is a leading provider of innovative solutions and services in the fields of structural health monitoring & ground engineering. 

We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions leveraging on advancements in technology to monitor, manage, maintain and rehabilitate critical infrastructure assets efficiently and sustainably.

With a team of experienced engineers, technicians, and researchers, Sofotec collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and develop customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. By combining technical expertise, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, Sofotec Singapore aims to be a trusted partner in building resilient, efficient, and sustainable infrastructure for the future.


Structural Health Monitoring 

Sofotec Singapore is a leading solution provider in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) using Fiber Optic Sensors in Singapore. We have been delivering reliable and innovative solutions to our clients since our inception in 2000. To date, we have provided successful installation and integrated over 9,000 Fiber Optic Sensors in Singapore alone across various industries.

Ground Engineering

Our ground stabilization and foundation repair process entails injecting expanding polyurethane resins into the ground or beneath foundations to elevate, align, and fortify structures impacted by settlement or subsidence. The resin expands, compressing loose soils, and filling voids, thereby enhancing ground stability and reinforcing the structure above. This approach is frequently utilized in diverse construction projects to mitigate soil-related challenges and deter additional structural deterioration.



Sofotec's mission is to lead the way in pioneering innovative engineering and construction solutions within Industry 4.0, utilizing advanced technologies and methodologies to construct smarter, safer, and more sustainable infrastructure that meets the evolving needs of modern societies.



We believe in constantly upgrading and enhancing our knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with the best solutions. Striving for the highest quality in all projects and services. Demonstrating professionalism, reliability, and accountability in all endeavors.


We believe in staying up-to-date with the latest technology and trends to provide innovative solutions to our clients. Embracing creativity and forward-thinking to drive continuous improvement.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in providing exceptional customer service to ensure our clients' satisfaction with our services. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and understanding their needs. Fostering teamwork, respect, and communication to achieve shared goals.

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