A Global MNC Asia Pacific Regional Logistics Division, Tractor Road, Singapore

Their business focuses on the global distribution experience of its parent company and excels at strategic supply chain design & analysis. Their organization uses state-of-the-art network modelling tools, inventory & transportation simulation methods, provide end-to-end solutions and house a detailed facility.  

Their supply chain is their core business and when their warehouse encountered uneven flooring issues, they faced many problems. As they faced time and storage constraints and a temporary closure of this facility was not an option and hence only the URETEK® Method could solve their issues.

Throughout this injection lifting process, their inventory management system was not restricted in their day to day functions and operations.

URETEK® was called upon to provide slab re-levelling in the storage area of the warehouse to bring their supply chain back to speed. The total affected area was 1276m2 (13734ft2) and the total job took 30 working days due to the tight working spaces, sheer size of the lift and the heavy machinery stored at the lifting site.